COVID 19 Update

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Its been a really difficult for everyone around the world, the issues I've had with Weddings being delayed seem a little insignificant when looking at the wider picture. The fantastic work the NHS and Healthcare workers are doing is immeasurable and as a country we owe a huge amount of thanks to these guys.

During this time I've been self isolating at home with the family, feeling a little bit useless when following events ongoing. So was thrilled, when an old colleague got in contact enquiring if I could do a shoot for a local charity who have been working so hard providing support to the local community. Torbay Food Alliance are a combination of 12 local businesses responding to the food poverty crisis as a result of the COVID pandemic. The Sandman had created some artwork on Torre Abbey Sands and a birds eye view was required.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

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