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How much do you charge?

The big question and the question that I need to make clear from the start. My prices are simple and I provide 2 packages. 1. Full Day £1650 2. Limited Day Coverage £1250 I start at £1250 for limited day coverage but you can currently book me for the whole day, using all my services of Photography, Drone and Video clips for a fee of £1650. I generally do not book any part day wedding coverage over a weekend, unless it is out of the wedding season or there are extenuating circumstances......and I have availability. I'll always do my best to help. Mid Week small wedding ceremonies are priced at £400 for a 2hr time slot. Travel Cost - If the venue is within a 1hr drive of Torquay then I'm happy to commute on the day, anything over that travel time then I'd have to discuss accomodation for the night before so I'm fresh and prepared for an early start on the day.

How do I get my photos after?

Your photos will be delivered to you in an online gallery on my website, from the gallery you can print, view, and download high resolution files to your heart’s content. I offer a 'live edit' version of the gallery and you can track my editing process and see new content as its uploaded. You have the option to password restrict your gallery or keep it openly viewable to make it easier for friends and family to view.

How long will it take to get my photos?

This depends on the time of year, as later in the wedding season my editing load builds up a little more as I’m busy shooting multiple weddings, engagements and portrait sessions every week. Most couples will wait 4-6 weeks to get their full selection of photos, but I guarantee that you'll have a large selection within 24hrs of me leaving your wedding venue for your immediate use. If you then choose the 'live edit' version of the gallery you'll have immediate view of the editing process and can view new images as they are uploaded.

How late do you stay?

I'm as late as you want and as late as your guests allow. Booking the full day package I stay up until 11:30pm capturing your complete story. I like seeing the hair go up and the hair coming down! All day means all day.

Do you provide a free photobook/album with your price?

No - I could easily do this and use the basic cheap print options from online printing companies but I really like to avoid having your images degraded in such a way. I provide you with advice and support and recommend professional printing services, this way I'm confident in the print quality and setup and assured that your album will last you a lifetime and not degrade in colour after 6 months. Remember that you own your images - you can do with them what you wish, unlimited downloads and no watermarks from me. But there is always support and advice available as part of my after service.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, my regular set up is with 2 cameras and 2 lenses on my harness so I can switch cameras and lenses at a moment’s notice. I also own 2 additional backup cameras and a total of 8 lenses that cover a wide variety of focal lengths.

What equipment do you use?

Great Question! When your booking a photographer always ask this and check that they are confident about the kit they are using. I'm a Nikon shooter, I use D850's with the Nikon Holy Trinity lenses as my go to glass. I've got a couple of D7100 crop frame cameras as backup. Including a range of Macro lenses for those important detail shots. I have chosen not to make the jump to mirrorless just yet, I'm sure I will in the future but currently the first phase of mirrorless cameras dont tick all the boxes for me. Plus they are too small! I have big hands! Manfrotto holds me up! Xpro Monopod with Video Head and Tripod with geared 3 way pan/tilt head give me the ability to shoot in super low light conditions and get pin sharp results. Phantom 4 Pro+ Drone with Polar Pro filters to control those bright sunny wedding days!

Why is your Blog not up to date? Why is you social media not 'active'?

I'm creating amazing content day in, day out and distributing this to all my wedding parties and commercial clients. My time is 100% concentrated on my customer, thats why my recommendations and word of mouth have enabled me to do my dream job and work with the camera full time! I love what I do, so I would find diving into social media day in day out difficult because it takes me away from the creativity. If you want to know what I'm up too, if you would like an example on a particular subject, try me, if I've got it in my archive I'll show you and talk it through with you and you never know, we may create some amazing content together!

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